Pay with credit card through a phone call

The secure solution to pay by phone

It is now possible to pay with credit card securely through a phone call


The newest system to make a phone payment

A solution that allows you to perform transactions using debit card through an automated secure system, without any human intervention.

PAYby CALL is anonymous , it is discreet, fast and automatic. It is also unobtrusive and above all, SAFE.

The data of the bank card is prompted through an automated system (card number, expiration date and CVV). This is via the phone keypad, being introduced through DTMF dialing, via the phone keypad.

No details of the card data or user are stored at any moment. These will be sent via secure request to the bank to send back autothorisation.

Once authorisation is aproved the transaction is completed.

Areas of application

There are a multitude of sectors where PAYby CALL can be used

Telemarketing – Call Centers

Telephone Sales online stores

Catalog Sales

Telephone Sales of insurance

Regained telephone

Teleshopping – commercial Info



How does it work?

In a simple way with total security guaranteed with regards to your information.

Through a call

If your client requires a payment by PAYby CALL an agent could deal with it on a first stage diverting the call after the agreement to the automated system to make the transaction.

PAYby CALL allows you to manage, both fixed and variable amounts, which will be calculated as the amount of time for the use of the service, charging these at the end of the call.

Customizable System

PAYby CALL adapts to the specific needs of each service thanks to:

  • Customise Audios: Welcome, Acceptance and Payment error
  • Configuration in different languages
  • Requests and queries to external databases for adapting certaint amounts of transactions
  • Number of attempts of automatic calls to users
  • Informative SMS

Pagar con total seguridad

PAYby CALL helds the  the Level 1 PCI certification, the highest posible security level so any transaction is carried out within a secure environment.

In this way, customer and user have total assurance of security with respect to their data to give the best guarantee to our customers.


Ensures the privacy and security of all data information

The process has no human intervention, this prevents security risks and fraudulent uses. Not storing the bank data will avoid risks and the data will go directly to the bank.

Payment for phone orders in electronic commerce

The agent will deal with the payment request which is processed in the secured telephone payment Gateway or alternatevely sends a SMS with the information to the user to proceed with the payment in a more convenience time.

Easy of payment and access to interactive content

With a simple code, the user can make the payment, and access to the requested content (SmartTV, viewing of films and serials, licenses to use mobile applications…) without the need of implementing complex payment gateways.

Optimizes your business possibilities.

Thanks to the fact that also allows a per minute payment option, it is an excellent way to expand alternative ways to reach your potential customers.
Offers options for payment of telephone consultations (doctors, lawyers, technical services, teachers, etc)
The user will be charged the amount of a telephone consultation on the credit card depending on the duration of the telephone consultation and the per-minute rate established

An additional method of payment in e-commerce

The user can complete the transaction online through a phone call. Once the purchase is authorised the request is automatically registered in the e platform.

Allows management of rapid recoveries

A user could pay off debts directly during the course of the call with a recovery debt Agent, increasing the success in a payment process.

Recruitment of telephone products and services 24 hours a day.

Thanks to no human intervention in the payment process, you can save costs regarding operators keeping your business open 24 hours.

Increase sales at your telemarketing campaigns

Prevent your clients from providing an account number or a reimbursement payment. Offer your clients a direct and secure payment process. Your conversion rate will increase, improving confidence and convenience to all users. Write or call us if you need any further information on this product.

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