There will always be a risk of fraud when they are human operators who manage telephone charges via credit card

Today, despite the profound and surprising innovations that are taking place in the automated telephone billing sector, there are still countless companies that continue to manage telephone billings via credit card through human operators.

From telemarketing companies to NGOs, collections or retail, the problem is no longer simply that these businesses use protocols that pose a huge risk of fraud for their customers and users, but that the users themselves understand this practice as something normal that does not involve any risk.

And it is that although it is more typical of a shocking news story than the reality as it is, every time we offer our credit card to a human operator by phone, we risk having our bank account emptied in a matter of minutes. After all, who would be able to tell the difference between a real operator of the company with which we have contracted and a fake one who behaves exactly the same?

Scammers take advantage of this trust and ignorance to commit thousands of frauds every day around the world

Because unfortunately, fraud and “vishing” (*) professionals of credit card data are specialists in the impersonation of companies that enjoy credibility and trust at the national level, as well as true experts in inventing shell companies that promise free gifts, incredible offers or the possibility of winning prizes that one could only dream of in exchange for a small charge by credit card via telephone at that time.

And this is not only a problem for the user, who of course is the biggest victim of the scam, but also for the real company that the scammer impersonates, who loses the credibility and trust of their customers precisely because they have accustomed them to manage the data of your cards through human operators.

(*) Vishing is a combination of the words «voice» and «phishing». It refers to phishing scams that are done over the phone.

How can a company prevent this type of scam from occurring among its customers?

There are two main steps to be taken to avoid, as far as possible, any type of liability derived from bad practice with respect to charging by credit card via phone call:

  • Adopt a telephone billing management system in which at no time is a human operator the one that registers or manages the customer’s card data, but an automated system that once transmits the corresponding data, eliminates them completely of your storage so that there is a fast, secure and confidential transmission of information.
  • Constantly and conveniently inform your users that no human operator of your company or company will ever ask for your credit card details, since it is an automated system that is responsible for doing so. Likewise, you should be informed of who to contact as soon as possible in the event that you receive a phone call in which a supposed operator of your company requests such data.

Discover PayByCall, the automated solution for charging by credit card via phone call

PayByCall is an automated system that is in charge of managing the credit card collection process in a safe, responsible and confidential way, without storing the card data of its users at any time.

In this way, as soon as the user transmits their card details to the application and the application automatically sends them to the corresponding bank to process the collection, there will be no record of any part of said data.

Reduce fraud in your business and start taking the necessary steps to ensure the protection of your users. Contact our team, without obligation.

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