Telephone card purchases, the great ally of the infocommercial sector

In the world of direct marketing, the infomercial has a place of honor in its own right. Since the golden age of television advertising that made the Ginsu knife an icon, it has served to convert millions of customers. Telephone card purchases are still the response channel par excellence.

However, It is absolutely necessary to update the telephone card payment system so that the security of customer data can be guaranteed by means of technologies that comply with current banking data protection requirements and standards. PAYby CALL provides this technological solution to optimize the profitability of the infocommercial.

Information as an advertising tool

An infomercial is a piece of advertising, usually audiovisual, mainly informative and relatively long. Advertorials, sponsored content and the proverbial teleshopping are common forms of infomercials, and although they are typical of television, they also appear in radio, print and Internet.

Information is, of course, the key element in this advertising mode. By providing data, rational arguments and examples of practical use, the infomercial goes beyond slogans or mere sensory seduction. This makes it an ideal tool for functional products or services that need some explanation to reveal their full potential.

From the screen to the headset

In traditional channels, such as television, the infomercial is presented to an indiscriminate audience; however, it offers a direct means of contact (in almost all cases a telephone number) which serves as a narrowing of the sales funnel, allowing only the most qualified prospects to pass through.

Thus, while the output path of the message is on the television screen, the way to the door of our store is the telephone handset. Therefore, as important as the infomercial itself is the fact of having the appropriate means to respond to the calls we receive.

The call center operation can be handled by an external call center, or we can take on the task internally if we want to reinforce the added value of our brand or have total control over the process. Today, more than ever, technological developments allow us to opt for the second option, but it is a decision that depends on each company and business model.

A secure telephone purchase channel

It is essential that the telephone trade continues to rigorous safety standards for guarantee both the privacy of the cardholder’s banking and personal data and the non-fraudulent use of the card. This is also in the trader’s own interest, both in terms of credibility and because of the economically negative effect of chargebacks and commissions.

Today’s technology enables the use of an automated system (without human intervention) for collect the customer’s data without storing them and send them to the bank that authorizes the charge, and thus finalize the sale. This provides the extra layer of security in telephone card purchasing that the payment card industry demands in the MO/TO payment method.

Plus the human agent, if there is one, can spend his time with a new customer instead of “wasting” it on transaction data, the PAYby  CALL solution integrates seamlessly with other software solutions, from virtual PBXs to CMS, with many options for customization, optimizing the sales process in different languages, with customizable audios, automated SMS, pre-authorization management, etc.

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