Use cases

PAYbyCALL can be implemented under different modalities and adapted to the different collection needs of any type of company and/or business model.


Telephone collection

Offer your customers the payment of their bills and debts over the phone in the same call, improving the customer experience and ensuring the security of their data.


Verified telephone payment PSD2/3DS

Eliminate chargebacks/repudios in your phone card charges by adding PSD2 verification.


Management of recurring payments

Get paid for your subscriptions or installments every month with just one call. We take care of the collection of the payment on the dates indicated.


Dedicated telephone for automatic management of your clients' receipts

We give you a personalized phone number for your customers to call and pay your bills 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 7 days a week.


Automatic scoreboard

Call your debtors on the day and time of your choice, to make them pay on time or notify them of the next payment.


Send SMS

Send SMSs with a link to pay your bills or subscriptions.


Physically collect in your store

Collect physically in your store through a cell phone by installing the paybycall NFC payment app, without the need of a data phone, using the same POS of your online store.


Charge by phone without integrations

Get paid by phone with no integrations, no switchboard, no software installation, using your browser.

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