The Secure
Telephone Payment Solution

It is now possible to pay by credit card securely, through a phone call.


Providing an additional payment alternative to users increases collection possibilities and improves call center performance.


API integration and connection with databases to adapt to the needs of each service (customize languages, audios, redirect the call to the desired destination at the end of the transaction...).


It avoids the risks of a telephone agent collecting data manually, and of storing card data without adequate security measures.

Automatic method and safe

PAYby CALL allows you to make transactions by bank card through a secure automatic system, without human intervention.

It has PCI-DSS SECURITY CERTIFICATION LEVEL 1, which guarantees compliance with all security measures required for making telephone payments.

The user enters the card data (card number, expiration date and CVV) via the telephone keypad (DTMF) or an automatic voice recognition (ASR) system.

The user’s card data is not stored at any time, but is sent by secure request to the bank, which returns the authorization to proceed with the charge.
Once the charge has been authorized, the transaction is complete.

PAYby CALL is fast, it is automatic, it is integrable and above all it is SAFE.

Eliminates the costs of PCI-DSS certification of the Call Center and possible penalties from banks and payment institutions.

Independent of your call center platform (ACD/PBX).

Efficiency in debt management. The agent can use the automatic collection time for other tasks.

Improve your customers' experience by eliminating the need to verify payment. Ideal for non-digitized people (elderly and others).

Recurring payments or telephone subscriptions or payment plans (TOKENIZATION Telefónica)

Verified payment PSD2/3DS To guarantee payments (without repudiation) if you need it.

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