PaybyCall and catalog sales: safer, more convenient, more customers


Catalog sales have been with us for decades and certainly have a long way to go (now, in digital mode, more than ever). A secure telephone card payment service such as PayByCall is a perfect fit for companies engaged in catalog sales.

This system, which is a classic which we all know and have used at some time, is among the favorites of many customers, particularly those who like to get to know different products by themselves and at their own pace, examine their characteristics beforehand and choose the moment to make a purchase.

With the advent of e-commerce, catalog sales have not suffered any decline, on the contrary; if you notice, now we almost always buy by catalog, but on the Internet. However, in many cases, the possibility of managing the purchase by telephone is the preferred option, mainly for security and convenience.

Here are the three major advantages of secure telephone card payment (do you know how it works?) for companies that integrate it into their catalog sales process.

More convenience for customers

By allowing customers to make payments over the phone, we are enabling an additional sales channel (which is always a good thing). This channel is also preferred to online or digital payment methods by many people reluctant to enter their personal and bank details on any website.

Whether for privacy and protection, or because of a lack of digital skills (something very common in people of a certain age), the fact is that the telephone channel offers us the opportunity to improve the user experience of this customer profile, and with it their level of satisfaction with the transaction (and from there, our brand image, their loyalty, the cross selling, etc.)

More security for customers and the company

The elimination of the human component in card transactions without cardholder presence (which is what we do when we enter or give our data remotely) is the last frontier in terms of security in the so-called MO/TO transactionsThese have always been assumed to be a higher risk than face-to-face card transactions.


Indeed, the human component is the weakest point in this sales modality, either due to errors ( errare humanum est) or to malicious intentions. PCI DSS Level 1 certified telephone transactions bring a number of advantages for businesses (particularly SMEs), and in general make this channel incomparably more secure and reliable for all parties.

More customers for the company!

This is primarily for obvious reasons: by offering different payment options, the company can reach and appeal to broader and more diverse customer segments. It is always recommended to any business to have both physical and digital presence, and as diversified commercial channels as possible…

In addition, we will be able to to significantly expand our customer portfolio with those profiles that are less comfortable with other methods (from online shopping to payment). contactless in physical stores) or who simply prefer the telephone because of its greater proximity, ease of use or level of privacy.

The new era of catalog sales 2.0 is here

Don’t miss out on this efficient commercial system, and prepare your business to take full advantage of it through all possible sales channels.

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