Automated PCI secure payment over the phone: all advantages… for everyone

The automated PCI secure telephone payment system (also sometimes called IVR payment) enables secure credit card use for telephone payments to the to deliver data not to a human agent but to an automated system.without recordings and directly with the bank.

And where are the advantages, and for whom? This is what we tell you in this text: the automated PCI secure payment system by telephone is a great leap forward for both customers and companies. We show you a few cases.

Private and secure data

This is undoubtedly the factor that makes the difference, because data privacy is not to be trifled with. Companies such as Visa and Mastercard are very clear about this in their security policies, with heavy fines for non-compliance.

And if the company benefits by preventing its human agents from coming into contact with its customers’ credit card data, the customers themselves benefit even more by dramatically reducing the chances of fraud.

An unlimited schedule

When it comes to payment, we like to be made easy. On the one hand, there are many payments (of invoices, for example) that we could make over the phone, but what if the company’s business hours do not coincide with ours?

A secure PCI credit card telephone payment system enables extended business hours for companies and government agencies, and therefore for their customers and users. The idea is clear: if you have to pay, you can pay at any time.

Smoother order management

Nothing discourages us more as customers when we want to make an online purchase than complex payment gateways; for companies they imply technological efforts, expenses, and ultimately less sales.

Omni-channel is the future. So whether you have placed an order over the phone with a human operator or have made an online purchase process, completing the payment over the phone is a convenient way (especially for the elderly).

Lower personnel expenses

In the public administration is where the bottleneck that forms in the telephone service provided by human agents is best appreciated, both from the inside and from the outside. No matter how hard we try, we can’t be as fast as a machine…

Optimizing a business model means knowing how to distribute and optimize tasks: put your human staff to do the things that only humans know how to do well, and leave the easily automated processes to the machines!

Repudiation? What is it?

Payment refunds create major headaches for end customers and substantial losses for businesses. In an automated telephone purchase process using a credit card, this friction is significantly reduced.

When the payment procedure is performed with a few clicks or with human intervention, the risk of error is higher. When we use our own voice we have greater control, less pressure and in general fewer incidences of this type.

One more settlement channel

Today it is not uncommon to start a purchase process by researching on a website, make a query to the chatbot and end up passing our potential purchase to the phone. Multi-channeling, as we said, is key in e-commerce, but it is a fundamental rule not to change channels when deciding to pay.

But it is also for the users of public services. From paying a fee  to registering for a municipal service, the ideal goal for all parties is to facilitate and simplify these types of services, thereby saving time and money. If the user has already decided to pay in our telephone conversation, do not change the channel to make the payment, let them pay online using a secure PCI telephone payment or IVR payment.

If you have to pay, make it easy

Simple, agile and, above all, secure payments are what we need both as consumers and as suppliers of products or services. Let’s make it easy!

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