If you have POS, you can have PAYbyCALL

TPV paybycall

Regardless of the type of commercial business you have, we are sure that we are right when we say that it wouldn’t hurt to expand the channels of contact and sales with your customersPhone card transactions are now easier to enable and more cost-effective than ever before thanks to PAYbyCALL technology. We implement PAYbyCALL technology […]

PaybyCall and catalog sales: safer, more convenient, more customers


Catalog sales have been with us for decades and certainly have a long way to go (now, in digital mode, more than ever). A secure telephone card payment service such as PayByCall is a perfect fit for companies engaged in catalog sales. This system, which is a classic which we all know and have used […]

Physically cash at your store with PAYbyCALL? Of course!

Cobrar físicamente

At PAYbyCALL we are specialists in overcoming obstacles and jumping over barriers. The frontier that separates the different payment methods is becoming more permeable every day, and it is always a good idea to make it easy for our customers to purchase our products or services safely, isn’t it? So, as a physical merchant, you […]

Mitigating risk in MO/TO transactions

We have no doubt that MO/TO transactions sound absolutely familiar to you, although you may not know them by that name; if we are talking about shopping by phone using your credit card, you probably know exactly what we are talking about. This non-face-to-face purchasing channel is as old as credit cards themselves and, like everything […]

Telephone card purchases, the great ally of the infocommercial sector

In the world of direct marketing, the infomercial has a place of honor in its own right. Since the golden age of television advertising that made the Ginsu knife an icon, it has served to convert millions of customers. Telephone card purchases are still the response channel par excellence. However, It is absolutely necessary to update the […]