PAYbyCALL for administrations: secure and fast payments over the phone

Gestión administración pública

The credit card telephone payment system has a large number of applications beyond the private sector. Indeed, we often look at the use cases of this procedure in e-commerce companies, professional services, debt collection and other areas, but it also comes in handy for public administration management. Specifically, a secure card payment system such as […]

If you have POS, you can have PAYbyCALL

TPV paybycall

Regardless of the type of commercial business you have, we are sure that we are right when we say that it wouldn’t hurt to expand the channels of contact and sales with your customersPhone card transactions are now easier to enable and more cost-effective than ever before thanks to PAYbyCALL technology. We implement PAYbyCALL technology […]

PaybyCall and catalog sales: safer, more convenient, more customers


Catalog sales have been with us for decades and certainly have a long way to go (now, in digital mode, more than ever). A secure telephone card payment service such as PayByCall is a perfect fit for companies engaged in catalog sales. This system, which is a classic which we all know and have used […]

Physically cash at your store with PAYbyCALL? Of course!

Cobrar físicamente

At PAYbyCALL we are specialists in overcoming obstacles and jumping over barriers. The frontier that separates the different payment methods is becoming more permeable every day, and it is always a good idea to make it easy for our customers to purchase our products or services safely, isn’t it? So, as a physical merchant, you […]

How to increase conversion with telephone payments?

Customer conversion rate, here’s a metric that marketing and sales people agree on: it matters, and matters a lot. And any possibility we have at hand to improve it, we must take advantage of it; the profitability of our business, whether it is an e-commerce or any other telephone sales service, depends on it. Here’s […]

How does secure telephone payment help small businesses?

More efficient, more secure, more competitive; that is how we want small businesses to be; and that is how they should be, in their own interest. Finding our niche among the “big boys” requires us to forge our own identity, but also to adopt appropriate strategies and practical tools. The bank card payment system through […]

Virtual POS and telephone payment, yes, but 100 % secure

In an increasingly competitive and now absolutely global business context, it is necessary for any commercial company to have all the possible technological tools at its disposal. Among these tools is the virtual POS. The question is to what extent is it compatible with telephone charging? The answer is overwhelming. Not only is it compatible, […]

Mobile payment apps vs. card payment over the phone

With the advance of mobile technologies, everyone seems to be focused on the development of payment systems based on the cell phone, mainly through contactless systems or for transactions between individuals. The great forgotten is the traditional telephone contact, and this represents a great loss of opportunities… Today, the telephone is still a sales channel […]

Keypad dialing, another way to operate by card over the phone

It seemed to be a technology doomed to disappear due to the emergence of voice recognition, but far from it; it is still a frequent alternative. Even in certain contexts, keypad dialing is the preferred or even more advisable way to interact with card payment telephone services. In this article we explain briefly what this […]

PAYby CALL, the anti-skimming vaccine

How can a card-over-the-phone payment solution be the best solution against skimming scams? Precisely because it can avoid the need to use physical card payment terminals. Fantasy? Excessive caution? It would be something that we could raise with the victims of this type of scam…. In 2022, in the first quarter alone, these types of […]